Why Choose DIY?

There are a myriad of great reasons for using our workshop to perform your DIY auto services, upgrades and repair projects, here are just a few.

  • No Tools Required! You don't need to own any tools or purchase any special tools, our low tool rental pricing makes it cheaper than buying a single spanner to just rent and use what's on the floor already.
  • Environmentally Friendly Workspace! We get rid of your waste oil and spare parts, keeping the environment in better shape and insuring correct disposal of all vehicle fluids.
  • No cleanups! That's right. We're like the restaurant of autoshops where we clean up after you.
  • Readily Available Spares! If you're unable to do the runaround for spares, we assist you, getting the cheapest pricing on OEM or after market spares, making them available when your car rolls through the front door.
  • Hydraulic Lift Bays! Why place yourself in an unsafe situation with frail care scissor jacks that could fail, lift your vehicle with ease and work in peace.
  • Air Powered Tooling! For those hard to remove bolts and nuts, hard to clean areas and an array of other needs, we provide a wide range of air operated tools to make life easier. So whether you need an impact wrench or a few more bars of tyre pressure - we accommadate. 
  • Complex Living! We all know what body corporates are like when it comes to lifting your bonnet in the complex, and DIY Service Centre are here to offer all the space you need at an affordable price.
  • Great Pricing! Not that this needs to be said, but we'll say it... You're saving a fortune by servicing your own car. Autoshops add markup to your spares and charge heavily on hourly labour rates. The savings are monumental.
  • Peace Of Mind! How many times have you got your car back from a service and wondered if they'd changed plugs... Wonder no more, you know it's been done, because you made it happen. 

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With 4 hydraulic lift bays available and a comprehensive tool selection to choose from, you'll feel right at home (not quite, because you don't got the nifty hydraulic lifts), so book now and save on your services.

Service Booking

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